Johnny Knoxville Sued for $3 Million After Tasing Incident on ‘The Prank Panel’

In a surprising turn of events, Johnny Knoxville, the infamous prankster and star of the “Jackass” series, is facing a $3 million lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed after an incident on the set of “The Prank Panel,” where Knoxville allegedly tased Eric André’s writing partner.

The Incident

“The Prank Panel,” a show that revolves around elaborate pranks, recently found itself at the center of controversy. During a taping, Johnny Knoxville reportedly tased Dan Curry, a well-known writer and collaborator of comedian Eric André. The incident, intended to be a humorous prank, quickly spiraled out of control, leading to significant backlash and legal repercussions.

The Lawsuit

Dan Curry has filed a lawsuit seeking $3 million in damages, citing physical and emotional distress caused by the tasing. The suit alleges that Knoxville’s actions were reckless and dangerous, leading to unnecessary harm. Curry’s legal team argues that the prank crossed a line, turning into an assault rather than a comedic stunt.

Knoxville’s Response

Johnny Knoxville, known for his extreme and often dangerous pranks, has built a career on pushing the boundaries of comedy and physical stunts. However, this incident has brought renewed scrutiny to the ethics and safety of his pranks. In a statement, Knoxville expressed regret over the incident, stating that it was never his intention to cause real harm. He emphasized that pranks are meant to be light-hearted and entertaining, not injurious.

Industry Reactions

The incident has sparked a broader conversation within the entertainment industry about the limits of pranking and the responsibilities of entertainers. Many have questioned the safety protocols on shows like “The Prank Panel” and whether more stringent measures should be in place to protect participants.

Eric André, known for his own wild and unpredictable style, has remained relatively silent on the matter. However, sources close to him suggest that he is deeply concerned about his friend and collaborator’s well-being.

Legal Implications

The lawsuit could have significant implications for Knoxville and the broader genre of prank entertainment. If Curry’s lawsuit is successful, it may set a precedent for future cases, potentially leading to stricter regulations and oversight for prank shows. This could fundamentally change how these shows are produced and executed.

Public Opinion

Public reaction to the incident has been mixed. While some fans of Knoxville and “The Prank Panel” view the lawsuit as an overreaction, others believe it highlights the need for greater accountability in entertainment. Social media has been abuzz with debates about the ethical boundaries of pranking and whether certain stunts simply go too far.


As the lawsuit progresses, it will be crucial to see how it impacts Johnny Knoxville’s career and the future of prank-based entertainment. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the fine line between humor and harm, and the importance of ensuring that all participants are safe and willing participants in these high-stakes stunts.

Johnny Knoxville’s legacy as a prankster is now under scrutiny, and the outcome of this lawsuit could very well define the next chapter of his career. For now, the entertainment world watches closely, waiting to see how this real-life drama unfolds.

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